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Hey - here is the story
forget about your trouble in life
don't you know it's not easy
when you gotta walk upon that line

That's why
you need
that's why
this is what you need
I'll give you what you need


What you need /
Listen like thieves (1985)
(00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip)
Inxs promoshot 1992

..... Last update : Oct. 29th 2000 a personal fanpage


Inxs on stage .
Now I'm gonna be very... uncool. Hèhehè...

I'm gonna tell you INXS is (was?) a really Great Band. In fact I dare to say, it's one of the best bands since the early eighties.

That's it. From now on I'm running the risk being crucified pretty soon, local pubs will no longer serve me, girls will avoid me and mom will definitely no longer cook for me...

But I Don't Care!
I'm a man! And a man has to live dangerous from time to time.

There were more great bands in the eighties. REM is one that comes to mind and I have several albums of them and indeed they're very good. Maybe better music variation and most certainly cooler to adore. But... it's not happy music.
And that's what I like about INXS. Their music always makes me feel good. It has positive vibes all over.
They have this splendid 'Get up again and grab the world by the balls' music. The kind of music you can use when you're favorite cat is kidnapped by aliens (that's what my parents told me anyway).

All soundclips are in Real Audio format. Quality may differ and is generally acceptable - though never as good as CD or MP3 music.

The swing (1984) .
Aah... the first CD album I ever bought.
Bittersweet memories. Mind you, I didn't even own a CD player at that time. I was a boy living on the edge and the only thing I could challenge without physically getting hurt was rationality.
I believe it was the end of '91 and I didn't like CDs at all. They were too expensive.
This one was tagged at the same price as the vinyl recording so I decided to give it a try. The next morning I still woke up as a normal guy.
CDs were definitely overhyped.

The original album was released some 8 years earlier.
In 1984 more precisely.
Suddenly a friend at school could sit out history class with a really big smile on his face. I soon discovered the secret was an album he recently had bought.
It was called 'The swing'.

It's the swing
it's the swing like a pendulum
so look behind you
when the race has run
and the winner is made

The swing into never never land
there was a darkness like an old friend
that scratched and crawled up the wall
into my life

. play... . The swing
The swing (1984)
00:43 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. My big favorite now.

Just love to yell along with this one. In the car, under the shower, in my sleep... whenever (though not in church where I do NOT have my walkman with me).


It was a new band from Australia and it was not Inkssssss as I found out in the playground, much to the amusement of all other kids.

I did my own personal charts already in those days and the first single 'Original sin' rocked itself as far as number 9. I liked it - but I wasn't thrilled with it.
In fact, it turned out to be the song I like the least on this album. I blame it on Nile Rodgers' commercial surgery removing all the adorable tiny rough edges other songs on the album still have.

. play... . The original sin
The swing (1984)
00:37 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. The hit single - which didn't rock my world that much really.

Though there are many people out there who adore this song.
Yes, it's a funny world.


Dream on white boy
white boy
dream on black girl
black girl
and wake up to a brand new day
to find your tears have washed away

There was a time when I did not care
and there was a time when the facts did stare

I borrowed the album and taped it because I liked 'Johnson's aeroplane'.
It was slightly different with those violins and a cool drum.
I even once slipped out of bed at night, sneaking downstairs to dads stereo to listen with a pair of real big earphones to this song, daring all the psychic creatures lurking behind the window waiting patiently to suck out my mind.

farmer's pride
you know he works real hard
from a small aeroplane
you can see the fields
heart shaped hedges
japanese gardens
heart shaped hedges
japanese gardens

Ah, ah, ah, ah
a place to work and grow
a place to work and grow

Ah, ah, ah, ah
a place to work and grow
a place to work and grow

. play... . Johnson's aeroplane
The swing (1984)
00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Rock'n roll never sounded more magical.

A real hot place to rock'n roll.
Much much much later I found out it's not rock'n roll - but a place to work and grow...


Where's the time?

Looking back now I realize it's one of the best albums made in the eighties.
Even now it still doesn't sound dated at all. It has this very strong originality in its spine and it's loaded with cool funky rock grooves. If you use your ears properly, you can hear how the band has rock'n roll under total control.
It's hot.

. Listen like thieves (1985)
One year later the album 'Listen like thieves' got released.
This is the album that tricked me into Inxs fan-dom.

It opens fire (really!) with 'What you need' (2nd single), a song that caused a lot of havoc in US charts. The world was going nuts on this wild song and it meant a big international breakthrough for the band.
Eventually I didn't like it that much. Too much power and not enough beauty.
Though hipwise I experienced it's a killer beast on the dancefloor.

Hey - here is the story
forget about your trouble in life
don't you know it's not easy
when you gotta walk upon that line

That's why
you need
that's why
this is what you need
I'll give you what you need


. play... . What you need
Listen like thieves (1985)
00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. A typical Inxs song.
Get up (again) and grab the world by the balls with both hands, or just one hand if you dare.

I liked the first single 'This time' better, which made it of course to the top of my own personal charts.
This song has a great start. '...girl, you know I need you more than any word spoken...' what really rocked my innocent teenage heart. It sounded fabulous and sincere.
A song that convinced me to keep a very close eye on this band.

. play... . This time
Listen like thieves (1985)
00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. First Inxs song to make it to the top of my personal music charts. .

I will believe you
if you say it's true
girl you know I need you more
than any word spoken

I've seen you before
turn and walk away
you say you won't come back
it's just a game anyway

And I was lucky as even better songs from this album were put on single.

With 'This time' still in mind, I soon spotted 'Shine like it does' as a new single release on the radio. It was love at first sight. This is the kind of song I adore. It's cool. It's heaven... It's the kind of song that wears sunglasses at night.

. play... . Shine like it does
Listen like thieves (1985)
00:33 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Without any hesitation I bombed for the second time an Inxs song to the top position in my own charts. .

that we have known
and from each moment
all that is left
sleep of the innocent
just one desire

Shine like it does
into every heart

Then I cought 'Listen like thieves' (title-track) on the airwaves, another gorgeous adorable song and that's when I decided to spend my valuable pocket money on the full album.
Boy, it rocked the house...

I fell in love with every song, but I fell rock bottom for all the charms in 'Kiss the dirt (falling down the mountain)'.
A divine beauty, a bit reminiscent to 'Shine like it does' and 'Listen like thieves'.
Boy, I was in heaven with so many rare beauties on one album.

and climb upon the highwire
I kiss and tell all my fears

Falling down the mountain
end up kissing dirt
look a little closer
sometimes it wouldn't hurt

. play... . Kiss the dirt
(falling down the mountain)

Listen like thieves (1985)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Not one true favorite, just many...
And this is one of 'em.

On top of that some rocking thunderstorms like 'Biting bullets', 'Red red sun' and 'One X one' surely provide great excuses to party and freak out like nasty little animals... Screaming like alleycats... tearing down what we attack... to prove that we are one....
Yeah, spot on... real rock'n roll!

. play... . Red red sun
Listen like thieves (1985)
00:29 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. And this is yet another favorite...

Yeah, this albums really wears your party fever out like a hot dragon.


There's a red red sun
and I'm thinking of you
I tell it a story
as it sinks out of view

One sun apart
one heart within
red sun shines on
sees no tomorrow
sees no tomorrow

'Listen like thieves' wasn't maybe that innovative as 'The swing', but it had tons of spirit and soul and pleasure.
It sounded like the world was saved.

KICK (1987) .
And then...
'KICK' got released.

First single: 'Need you tonight'.
I was astonished. I was amazed.
After having 3 number 1 songs (in my charts) in a little more than 1 year, the band tallied a fourth one.

And how...
'Need you tonight' is one of the greatest songs ever made (imho), it has those plain simple guitar chords and an unbeatable refrain. It's perfect.
The song was great to dance on and impress girls - at least in theory.

. play... . Need you tonight
KICK (1987)
00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Still one of my favorite dance tunes.

Close the curtains, dim the lights and shake that groove baby, yeah!


you can care all you want
everybody does yeah that's okay
so slide over here
and give me a moment
your moves are so raw
I've got to let you know
I've got to let you know
you're one of my kind

I need you tonight

I bought the album as soon as it was in the shops.
And suddenly I had a lot of friends (even good-looking girls!), all with one common wish to hear the new gods of music. I was drunk for months. Everybody kept treating me on drinks just to make an excuse to borrow the album.

'Guns in the sky', 'Never tear us apart', 'The loved one'... Every single song on this album is like a first class world famous supermodel.
That's how a reviewer put it and he was so right.

. play... . Devil inside
KICK (1987)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Fifth Inxs song in a row to hit the top in my charts.
Can't help it - these songs are so divine.

Here comes the man
with the look in his eye
fed on nothing
but full of pride
look at them go
look at them kick
makes you wonder how the other half live

The devil inside
the devil inside
every single one of us the devil inside

Well, 'Wild life' and 'Tiny daggers' are maybe the least attractive songs, but they still look like Heather Stewart-Whyte in a swimming pool.
All 10 other songs look more like Heather Stewart-Whyte in a swimming pool, naked and hungry for your attention.

And I don't think it's morally appropriate of me to describe 'Need you tonight'... maybe your mum is watching over your shoulder.

mystify me
mystify me

I need perfection
some twisted selection
that tangles me
to keep me alive
in all that exists

. play... . Mystify
KICK (1987)
00:33 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. .

With reason it's their most successful album, offering 12 big knock out diamonds.
Everybody wanted it, from little babies still in the belly to past away souls in the graveyard. I know, I asked them all.

. Shabooh shoobah (1982)
The band had reached the highest tops and they could touch the sun.
A wet dream for accountants what materialized in re-releases of some of the older recordings.

When buying 'Kick' I discovered 'Shabooh Shoobah' in the record store. Until that time I was unaware of any recordings proceeding 'The swing'.
As a fan I had to buy it, even if the sleeve didn't look very promising nor did the title.
I didn't expect to find great songs on it. But I was swiftly surprised.
There are even two very huge songs on it, 'To look at you' and 'Don't change'. Songs among the best achievements of this band. They would not have looked out of place on 'Kick'.

to look at you
and never speak
is so good
for me tonite

What is the name to call
for a different kind of girl
who knows the feelings
but never the words

Who do you ask
when there's no one left to turn to

. play... . To look at you
Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. 'To look at you' is one of my favorite Inxs tracks.
It has adorable floating dreamy vibes (I'm a sucker for this) and it still rocks.

Love the bridge in this song, right after but never the words....


Other songs reveal enough quality to not only keep fans satisfied, but accidental listeners as well.
It's a fine album indeed.
And it's not very difficult to trace back the origin of the bands world success.

. X (1989)
So the band was facing the enviable task to top 'Kick'. It would've made them... Gods.
This didn't happen as we all know.
God who had created in his younger days some nice things too (air, pine apples, clouds, McDonalds and women) kept his door firmly closed and we all know why, he had heard this new album.
'X' is a record that puts you to the test as a fan. On a professional level it was definitely their best work yet, but the spirit was missing.

I think the band tried to hard on this album and couldn't see the wood for the trees anymore.

'Hear that sound' is full of highly impressive musical promises - most songs are in fact, but the chorus sounds a bit simple dragging it all somewhat down.

. play... . Hear that sound
X (1989)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. It still sounds fine until you hear the bridge right after and start a fire.

Man, that bridge sucks like a whale (no offence).


don't let anyone tell you
what you must do

Do you like what you see
or does it make you cry
use your imagination
and start a fire

Hear that sound
there's a voice to be found

Some songs come close to perfection. 'Suicide blonde' which figured as a first single has a remarkable intro and rocks away in a great way, but it sounds a bit too easy to me. 'Lately' is stronger, but not that exciting.

One utterly brilliant song though, being 'On my way', pure heavy rock'n roll steaming and shaking like a horny train.
Nice beat, great drive...
This is how it's supposed to be.

. play... . On my way
X (1989)
00:37 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. In my opinion, this is the only decent song on the album.

And it's a big one. White mans rockin' blues.
This song just begs for a hot steaming stage performance.


bring on that famous word
don't abuse it
and you'll never be sad again

I'm on my way
I'm on my way

Blood's getting hotter
thinking about your hips
I feel all the hunger
the minute you turn away
I think it's getting better
but I can't wait another day

'Blood's... it's getting hotter... thinking about your hips...'

My favorite Inxs line. The right words, the right emotion, the right music.
A touch down. It's one of the best Inxs songs ever. It's the hidden treasure on this album.

But nonetheless, it's the album at the bottom of my Inxs-collection.
But I know people out there who like this album very much. Some of them are even family. My brother in law thinks this is the greatest Inxs album ever. Probably because the music is so smooth and on a very high professional level, my opinion is it lacks spirit.

. Live baby live (1991)
But we all agreed on the fact the band had a HUGE stage rep.
Benefiting from 10 years of stage-experience, they ranked among the best life acts on this site of Pluto.
I saw them for the first time and sadly the only time in Brussels (Nov. 2nd 1990) when the X-tour landed in Europe. It was a great show, one of the better ones I've seen in my life. The band really knew how to put the fire in the audience.
This is a part I miss the most. Now I'm much older I'm at last capable of seeing shows where and when I want... and now there's hardly an act that carries this kind of magic.

All we have officially is this great live album 'Live baby live and the video.

Live baby live
now that the day is over
I got a new sensation
in perfect moments
impossible to refuse
. play... . New sensation
Live baby live (1991)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. I got the album as a X-mas gift.
It beat a pair of socks.

The surprise however is a song that's not on the album.
'Send a message' has upgraded synths and drums and it's simply ravishing. It beats like the heart of a tyrannosaurus rex in love. A mechanical one.
The song is on the video and it can be found as well as a b-side on the 'Shining star' single - a new song/single promoting the live album.

. play... . Send a message
Shining star - single (1991)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Hmmm... 'In the sauna I think of you...' seems to be incorrect too.
Hey, I'm only used to listen to my mother.

In the silence
I think of you
I send a message
and I hope it gets through
think of the distance
think of the miles
over the valley's
could take a while

Welcome to wherever you are (1992) .
'Welcome to wherever you are' soon followed the same year.
It didn't knock me down like 'Listen like thieves' or 'Kick', but it was more inspiring than 'X'.
Fact is this albums offers even more musical wealth than previous albums, even better production and even more perfection in the songs. But sadly soul and spirit only play smaller parts.
As a fan I like songs as 'Communication', 'Taste it' or 'Wishing well', but I think I can understand why other people aren't very thrilled with them.

Some songs however do have enough magic to offer healthy entertainment.
'Heaven sent', 'Baby don't cry' and 'Not enough time' are the main examples.

not enough time for every kiss
and every touch and all the nights
I wanna be inside you

We will make time stop
for the two of us
make time stop
and listen for our sighs

Not enough time for all
that I want for you

. play... . Not enough time
Welcome to wherever you are (1992)
00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. It's not that jaw dropping astonishing anymore... but it's a great song to dedicate to your girlfriend, believe me. .

And some songs proved to be inspiring...
A brilliant idea surfaced, what if I bought 100 'Beautiful girl' CD singles and gave them to 100 world renown supermodels? Surely one had to be crazy enough to go out with me... no?
So far I have 1 example and... the plan is to beg it back into my possession as soon as luck seems to leave me.

(stay with me)
(stay with me)

She's so scared
so very frightened
anything could happen
right here tonight

Beautiful girl
(stay with me)
beautiful girl
(stay with me)

. play... . Beautiful girl
Welcome to wherever you are (1992)
00:41 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Cindy Crawford?
Helena Christensen?
Linda Evangelista?
Heather Stewart-Whyte?
Danelle Folta?
Who...? Well, she's a super model in my world. And she's being spoiled.

4 more singles emerged from the album.
I bought them all for the previously unreleased material on the b-sides.
These often revealed nice adventurous musical trips and if you haven't been in Hongkong yet, 'PTAR speaks' is a song that'll give you the impression just perfect. It's a trip between the playing and dancing neon lights of an oriental city at night.
You gotta love that oriental voice over.

. play... . PTAR speaks
single b-side : Baby don't cry (1992)
00:39 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. .


These b-sides offer in fact a nice occasion for other band members to jump on the creative wagon and they do this without putting shame upon the bands name, on the contrary.
'PTAR speaks' and 'Light the planet' are both very very different songs by Kirk Pengilly, 'Firma Terror' by Garry Gary Beers and '11th revolution' by Tim Farriss are worth mentioning too.
I must say I like several of these b-sides better than several songs on the album. They carry some kind of magical atmosphere that's even perceptible without any mushroom consumption.

Full moon dirty hearts (1993) .
The bands most roughest album 'Full moon, dirty hearts' was dully released in 1993.
No real big promotion was made, the world had to face a sober INXS.
It took me some time to like this album because it's rough. Did their earlier work compare to wine, this one seems to carry a strong Scottish whiskey label.
But I got to like it over time, mainly because of this heavy rough sound. Gone were the expensive high quality studio tricks. It was back to basics. The rough basics.
And it works out great.

Especially 'Viking juice' is a super striking song.
It was by far the first song I liked on the album and the main reason to keep playing and playing and playing the album.

I'm missing the darker side
of the man
he's on his knees
looking for the door
but everybody's
giving him applause
crashed the car
into a wall
but everybody's
calling for more

It's called the end of rock and roll

. play... . Viking juice
Full moon dirty hearts (1993)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. This song kicks ass like a cruise missile heading for a target... 'the end of rock'n roll' .

For the first time since 'Kick' the supermodel songs showed some lights in their eyes again.
It made them look prettier and even slightly enjoyable dangerous.

Steaming rock songs that would have started big bonfires on world tours, too bad I never got to experience'm that way.
The songs had again those adorable almost unnoticeable rough edges, the edges that made INXS wild.

'Time' and 'Cut your roses down' are spot on rock songs.
Boy, I just love that nasty guitar in 'Time'. Somebody forgot to feed it.

. play... . Time
Full moon dirty hearts (1993)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. I feel this song is just perfect to sing along whenever the cops are chasing you on the highway.
Yeah they're gonna make ya pay...

Too bad our highways are always filled up with traffic jams.



Well it's only time
it's only time that makes you
well it's only time
it's only time that breaks you

Yeah, they're gonna make ya
pay for the crime
put you up in cages
treat you unkind

The album is fabulous in a rough way.
The band did it again - too bad the audience didn't follow.

Inxs (1980) .
Underneath the colours (1981) .
Over time Inxs had become a really big name and this is probably why their first two albums got re-released too. Despite low price tags it took me some time to buy them.

'Inxs', the first album shows a very early Inxs. With a little bit of imagination you can trace back the power. Though guitars are completely backgrounded and the synths - like with so many early eighties bands - are dominating.

The second album 'Underneath the colours' shows already some improving with the title-track being the first true Inxs hit song.

. play... . Underneath the colours
Underneath the colours (1981)
00:37 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. I like this song, it has a nice original rhythm and the guitars start to show signs of life. .


Underneath the colours red-blue-white
catch a glimpse of others
from the corner of your eye

With the rise and fall of
the conductor's blind-hand
I play Russian roulette
I'm an angry young man


'Just keep walking' is in my humble opinion the best song on the first album.


Fast car driving
sleek and modern
public transit
photos waiting
blood and glass
three points of rain
carpet lining
seats reclining
clever words on smooth tongue talking
shove it brother

Just keep walking

. play... . Just keep walking
INXS (1980)
00:27 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Interesting. .

Michael sounds so young and eager.
With some imagination you can already hear the ambition.

. Elegantly wasted (1997)
In 1997 the band decided to strike back with a huge world tour and a brand new album called 'Elegantly wasted'.
I love to love this album, but it's hard.
It faces the same problems as 'Welcome to wherever you are'. It offers excellent music but the brilliant 'KICK'ing spirit is not present on all songs. The supermodels don't wanna play with you all the time and we hate that. They're just doing they're job being beautiful.
Is it bad?
Surely not, the band has more as enough experience to know what a good song is supposed to sound like. Some songs still have it... somewhere.

Show me, show me
show me how
show me, show me
show me how
. play... . Show me (cherry baby)
Elegantly wasted (1997)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Really impressive kick off. .

Besides those steamy rock songs like 'Show me (cherry baby)', 'Shake the tree', and the first single 'Elegantly wasted', other songs sound more sedated. I guess the bands age started to show through.
'I'm just a man' illustrates this very well, but it's one of the better moments on the album.

I'm just a man
my will is so strong
when I've got plans
I close my eyes to the pain

My mother ran
my father left town

. play... . I'm just a man
Elegantly wasted (1997)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. The song with the most soul on the album.
And it can easily stand the test of time.

The best song in my opinion appeared as a b-side on the second single 'Everything'.
I don't know why 'Let it ride' didn't make it to the album. It lives and breathes good vibes. I love it.

. play... . Let it ride
Everything / single (1997)
00:33 sec. - Real Audio soundclip
source : Eazyprinz

. Let it ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride... .

generations oversight
is fucking up my overdrive

Let it ride, ride, ride
ride, ride, ride
ride, ride, ride
let it ride, ride, ride

The two '78 T/As used during the 'Elegantly wasted' photo-shoot in LA

What surprised me pleasantly was the use of two '78 TransAms for the PR photoshoot of this album. U2 had done it with former East German Trabants and now INXS did it with the most elegant car ever made, the car I like and the car I must have and the car I will have.
It's striking that two of my favorite bands (the Neon Judgement did it too) featured '78 TransAms on album covers and this long after I started adoring these bands.
Yep, I think there's something out there... (see also X-files episode 1083).

And then... leadsinger Michael got kidnapped by aliens (that's what my parents told me anyway).
End of story.

20 upper cuts to strike back - the finest INXS songs :
All in real audio soundclip format.

Ticket X-Tour 1990

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