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last update Jan. 11th, 2004
  I got it from my dad.

He used to build a lot of models when I was a kit (I mean kid!).
I loved to play with them whenever I had a chance like when the man wasn't looking and he didn't look always very happy when I once more had destroyed one of his latest creations.

Eventually he thought and helped me to build my own models to play with, so his collection was a little safer from future harm by me.

Sadly dad had to drop the hobby because of an accident with his right-hand thumb and all models were put in big boxes and piled up in the attic.
That's where they have been for the past 20 years and now I figured this website proved to be the perfect occasion to do some reviving.

Remember though ;
Most of the models were made during the 1960s and the 1970s when modeling standards weren't as high as they are today.
Enjoy them as what they are, models build 20 - 30 years ago.

Just 1 of 40 images of the oldest part of dads collection of aircraft


Gallery 1   The Ancient Years

40 images
The oldest part - 1/72 scale aircraft models build in the 1960s and the early 1970s.

Just 1 of 58 images of the main part of dads collection of aircraft


Gallery 2   The Booming Years

58 images
1/72 scale aircraft models build in the late 1970s - early 1980s.

Just 1 of 31 images of dads collection of Belgian Air Force aircraft


Gallery 3   The Belgian Collection

32 images
Dads collection of 1/72 scale Belgian Air Force aircraft.

Just 1 of 6 images of dads collection of helicopters


Gallery 4   The Helicopters

6 images
Dads small collection of 1/72 scale helicopters.

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