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  To me driving American includes visiting US car meetings.

They're great occasions to see other cars and meet people.
Of course I take a lot of pictures so I still have something to drool over when I'm back home.
There are meetings that attract more than 2,000 US cars. That's a mighty big number and though I don't have pictures of every car I succeed in coming back home again with a large collection of images. This is being reflected in some huge slow loading galleries, sorry for that - but take your time and you surely will like it.

Gradually I'm improving my camera skills, so the latest galleries are often the ones with the better pictures.

  2001 season Uploaded - August 16th, 2002 Belgium
American Power on Wheels
     August 18th/19th, 2001
     Antwerp, Belgium
     images : 120 - incl. 18 Firebirds
  New - June 23rd, 2001 - SlideView browsing GD-Luxembourg
15th International American Car Festival
     June 30th/July 1st, 2001
     Sanem, G.D. Luxembourg
     images : 64 - incl. 8 Firebirds
  New - July 15th, 2001 - SlideView browsing Belgium
Heavy Sunday Meeting
     June 24th, 2001
     the dukes Ranch - Heultje/Westerlo, Belgium
     images : 46 - incl. 9 Firebirds
  2000 season New - June 4th, 2001 - SlideView browsing France
l'A.C.C.F. à Soisy/Seine
     September 17th, 2000
     Soisy-sûr-Seine (Paris), France
     images : 60 - incl. 10 Firebirds
  Updated - Aug. 11th, 2001 - Added images and tonal correction of existing images GD-Luxembourg
14th International American Car Festival
     September 2nd/3rd, 2000
     Sanem, G.D. Luxembourg
     images : 56 - incl. 3 Firebirds
  Updated - July 29th, 2001 - Added images and tonal correction of existing images Belgium
American Power on Wheels
     August 19/20th, 2000
     Antwerp, Belgium
     images : 100 - incl. 21 Firebirds
  Updated - Aug. 11th, 2001 - Added images and tonal correction Belgium
Corvette Camaro Firebird Nationals
     April 16th, 2000
     Antwerp, Belgium
     images : 26 - incl. 17 Firebirds
  1999 season Updated - Aug. 15th, 2001 - Added images and tonal correction Belgium
C.C.C. Herfstmeeting
     September 26th, 1999
     Duivelsberg circuit - Opgrimbie (Maasmechelen), Belgium
     images : 28 - incl. 10 Firebirds
  Updated - Sept. 2nd, 2001 - Added images and tonal correction Belgium
American Power on Wheels
     August 14th/15th, 1999
     Antwerp, Belgium
     images : 76 - incl. 13 Firebirds
  1998 season Updated - Dec. 23rd, 2000 - SlideView browsing Belgium
American Power on Wheels
     August 22th/23rd, 1998
     Antwerp, Belgium
     images : 40 - incl. 7 Firebirds

Here in Belgium, the best places to see many Firebirds are the meetings organized by the C.C.C.
I'm a member of the Camaro Custom Club, a club for Corvette, Firebird and Camaro owners. Currently there's no Firebird club in Belgium but no problem, the C.C.C. is an extremely good club and the prez is a true Firebird guy.

* * *

Camaro Custom Club

C.C.C. - flag
. Camaro Custom Club

president : Jan Cuypers
Pikkeriestraat 36

website : Camaro Custom Club Site

Camaro Custom Club - logo

Camaro Custom Club

C.C.C. stands for Camaro Custom Club.
I guess the founders all drove Camaro and had some deep fascination for euh... exploding stuff.

The club saw the light of day way back in March '89.
Pretty soon Firebirds and Corvettes got involved as well and hey... people driving those cars started to show up from everywhere.

And me too... on the phone.

My first 'bird', bought with the approval of the C.C.C.
My first Firebird, click here for more...
A very very long time ago I mistook direction and ended up in 'unknown territory' where I saw this car on sale. It was the first time I saw a '77 Firebird in real life - and it was for sale!
I pulled over and admired the car and I knew I had to buy this car. Luckily I just finished school and had found a job.
The car looked alright but I wanted to be sure, so I decided to contact the C.C.C. for some good old advice. I found the phone-number in a national car mag.

So, when I explained my situation to them, the good people (the current prez and friends) were so kind to come over to assist me buying my first 'bird'. I'm still thankful to them because Pamela Sue turned out to be a fine car.
And naturally I joined the at that time young club (and became member nr. 71).

Mag & Site

And now, some 8 years later, the club has 500 effective members what's quite a big number for a small country like Belgium.
Most of these people own a Corvette, Camaro or a Firebird.
Several times a year, mostly in the warmer seasons, local meetings are held.

The quarterly distributed mag
Every 3 months a very good club-zine is produced (in Dutch) by Jan Cuypers, the president.
It contains the latest information on Corvette, Camaro and Firebird, dates for upcoming events, reports resuming past shows, 'for sale' and 'wanted' pages, and every now and then an introduction of a members car.
In short: it is a damn good club-mag.

More information on the Camaro Custom Club Site.
The website has info in Dutch, French, English and German and offers linkwise some really neat rock'n roll pictures of APOW '97 and APOW '98.


Like already mentioned, the C.C.C. organizes several meetings a year.

The biggest meeting - 'American Power on Wheels (APOW)' - takes place in Antwerp, Belgium.
It's a weekend happening, usually in the latter half of August and over time it has become one of the more important US car meetings on the old continent.

American Power on Wheels is the biggest US-car festival in Belgium.
Don't forget to check out my images from APOW-98 and APOW-99 .

Contrary to other club meetings where Corvette's, Camaro's and Firebirds make the bulk of the happening, APOW is accessible for all American vehicles.

It's my favorite meeting.

Veteran Firebirds .
It's a great opportunity to take pictures of a wide variety of US cars, from showroom models to daily driven wrecks (I just like the battered road weary look), from common Corvette's to customized classic Fords and from new Saratoga's to old army transportation like the M3 Half Track (and I bet if you have a P-61 and know how to land it on 100 meters, you're also welcome).

What makes it a success is the free entrance for every US vehicle (from bike to truck) and they come from everywhere. Swiss, Swedish and even Czech cars have already visited this show.

. Fast Lemon Firebird
Only visitors have to pay a minor fee (300 Bfr./8.00$) but they get a lot in return.
Besides all these dreamcars, there's always a life band playing great rock'n roll tunes (hey, wasn't that 'Rebel, rebel' from Bowie !?), there's a lot to drink and eat, there are trade stands and there's time to see some burn-outs (heck, I missed the one with the Mark V Continental).

And when the whether is fine you get to see some gorgeous babes, US car drivers have good taste, not only for cars !

The people who build those gorgeous cars...

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