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  When I was a young boy my dad was a very dedicated 1/72 scale aircraft modeler.
Naturally he taught me at a very young age this noble art of gluing and painting.

From that moment on several models passed through my eager hands while developing a deep and profound interest into aviation and its history.
Following into dads footsteps 1/72 aircraft became my most favorite subject.

Before I graduated I managed to build models on a very regular base, but once I got employed scale modeling disappeared to the background.

Currently I still like to keep myself busy with the hobby in terms of buying kits, visiting scale model shows and reading scale model magazines etc... all except the actual building.
Shamefully I have to admit I finish nowadays 1 model a year.

But there's always hope I get my taste for scale modeling back.

Hope you enjoy it all and who knows, maybe you can find some inspiration.


Just 1 of 40 images of this collection


Gallery 1   First Glue

40 images
The first ones - my oldest 1/72 scale aircraft models.

Just 1 of 60 images of this collection


Gallery 2   The Tidal Wave

60 images
The main part of my 1/72 scale aircraft models.

Just 1 of 4 images of this collection


Gallery 3   The Lean Years

4 images
The latest additions.

Just 1 of 9 images of my old collection of 1/72 scale aircraft


Gallery 4   Tiny Aircraft

9 images
The smallest ones - my 1/144 scale aircraft models.

Just 1 of 24 images of this collection


Gallery 5   Tanks

24 images
The armored ones - my small scale armor models.

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