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Rain, nudité
nuit sois plus lente
délivrante, rain, volupté
impermanente l'existence
vois comme la vie est éphémère
comme les nuages, juste un passage
une goutte d'eau nécessaire
au voyage

Plus loin, plus haute
j'atteinds mon astre
je vertige de vivre
plus loin plus haut
l'esprit voyage

Vertige / anamorphosée (1996)
(00:54 sec. - Real Audio soundclip)
Mylène Farmer (promoshot 1999)

..... Last update : Oct. 29th 2000 a personal fanpage


Mylène on stage during her '96 Tour .

Trying to explain what it is I like about Mylène Farmer. Funky. I could tell it was one of the options my parents went for when they made me, though they keep denying this. Maybe there was too much light in the hospital when I was born. Maybe it was that strange tasting salad I once had in Venice? Who knows? Fact is I like this music very much.

It sounds as if this French lady makes her songs especially for me - but I could be wrong. They feel so much like home to me, even though most of the time I haven't a clue what she's singing about - my French is very basic.

I guess it's the magical Boutonnat sound and her warm enchanting voice.
She has the most beautiful voice I know - not a powerful one like la Dion or a great one like la Morissette but an extremely beautiful one. Soft, tender, caring... and with Boutonnats melancholic sound it makes for a high quality tasteful emotional musical cocktail. The French tongue even intensifies things more making it all very captivating for sensitive souls (a gang I've been hanging around with lately).
I really find it a pleasure listening to her music. I get carried away with it most of the time. There aren't many artists that can do this to me and she can do it so easily.
That's what makes her in my eyes an absolute star. A really bright one.

A few times I've tried to translate some of the lyrics, making it only more confusing to me. Mylène is somebody who likes to play on a very high level with words, feelings and music.
And she does a very good job at it.

All soundclips are in Real Audio format. Quality may differ and is generally acceptable - though never as good as CD or MP3 music.

How it all really started?
A very very very very very long time ago when I was an ugly teenage boy I was pretty obsessive with music. I listened to several foreign stations with my fingers on my tape deck in search for that one perfect popsong. One day in '85 I found it on a French station.
It was 'Toute première fois' by Jeanne Mas, a brand new young French 'chanteuse'.

... ... It's off topic but I like to pay a 'small homage' here. Without Jeanne Mas I would never have discovered Mylène Farmer. Jeanne Mas triggered my interest in French music...

Jeanne Mas

. Jeanne Mas (1985)
Her first single was 'Toute première fois' and it was so amazingly good I bought the forthcoming album 'Jeanne Mas' almost immediately and it was... perfect. Perfect is the perfect word to describe this perfect album. It contains delicious light and good pop music. All the songs are dancing into your ears, it's music at its best.
Needless to say Jeanne Mas had a big impact on my music-life.
I became a fan of her.

. play... . Johnny, Johnny
Jeanne Mas (1985)
00:54 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. Her 2nd single 'Johnny, Johnny' captured me for months. And the whole of France as well.

It starts off great.
Simple, poetic, adorable. Those first lines put you straight into dream mode ('the night opens its windows on the deserted planet...' - okay, in English it's not that impressive) and go so wonderfully well together with the music.

All songs on the album keep up this high level - it's a true masterpiece


La nuit ouvre ses fenêtres
sur la planète déserte
s'écrase dans une cigarette
joue sur l'onde muette
et l'homme s'enferme
sans attitude
compte à rebours
sa solitude ;
'Barreaux rouillés - a cause d'elle
ma vie se perd, se sèche'

Et puis Johnny, Johnny serre le vide dans ses bras
Quand Johnny, Johnny s'éveille, ne la trouve pas
Et Johnny, Johnny s'égare, ne comprend pas
Non Johnny, Johnny cette femme n'est plus à toi

. Femmes d'aujourd'hui (1986)
Her second album 'Femmes d'aujourd'hui' was as stunning as the first one and a double-live album (!) followed soon to cash in on the overwhelming successful tour. Amazing.
The music sounded even better, more richly and mature but still pure. This is the only album I ever bought twice as I additionally bought the picture disc for a cheap price and it's still hanging in a corner of my room - still sealed and unplayed and looking just fine.

Si l'on m'avais conseillée
j'aurais commis moins d'erreurs
j'aurais su me rassurer
toutes les fois que j'ai peur
je me serais blottie au chaud
à l'abri d'un vent trop fier
et j'aurais soigné ma peau
blessée par les froids d'hiver
. play... . En rouge et noir
Femmes d'aujourd'hui (1986)
00:39 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. 'En rouge et noir' was a monster-hit in France.

In my humble opinion, it's her best song.


Then... things went downhill. Next albums weren't that catchy anymore, they sounded more complicated and difficult. I regretted it a lot. The magic was gone... I tried listening several other French stars (Valerie Lagrange, Sylvie Vartan, Lio, Elli Medeiros...) but none was that perfect to me.
And then Mylène Farmer came along on a white horse and in shining armor to save my music-life.

In '86 Mylène got her first big hit in France with 'Libertine'.
I loved it right away.
She became the second French artist that made it to the top of my personal charts. Friends didn't understand me anymore.

Je je, suis libertine
je suis une catin
je je, suis si fragile
qu'on me tienne la main

Cendre de lune, petite bulle d'écume
poussée par le vent je brûle et je m'enrhume
entre mes dunes reposent mes infortunes
c'est nue que j'apprends la vertu

. play... . Libertine
(remix special club)

Cendres de lune (1986)
00:39 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. One day I taped the remix-version from the radio and I just couldn't get enough of the remixed 'yee-yoos' in this song.

It took me some time to imitate it. Sadly - I couldn't impress anybody with it, not even our cat.


Mylène's first big hit, 'Libertine' (1986) .
I wanted to buy the forthcoming album 'Cendres de lune', but it was hard to find here in Flanders (Belgium). One day I found it in a more specialized record store in Antwerp but it turned out to be very expensive.
So I visited this album every now and then just to hold it and that was it. The price never went down and some time later the shop was gone. I regretted it several times not buying this album.

The following years my interest in music almost died (college, girls, a car and serious lack of sleep had entered my life). In this period I seldom listened to the radio, only picking up the most famous tunes and sticking with my old favorites - like Jeanne Mas who was slowly letting me down.
This left Mylène Farmer on the verge of a breakthrough in my life.
It really is a big shame but I completely missed out on her 'L'autre' album and two of her biggest hits ('Desenchantée' and 'Regrets'), songs that absolutely would have ruled my charts for months. Local stations very seldom play French songs so I was completely unaware of what Mylène was up to.

. Dance remixes (1992)
Then, after finishing college and finding a job I noticed 'Dance remixes' one day during a trip to Namur, the French speaking part of our country. It was the new album by Mylène Farmer and contained a huge collection of remixes of her best songs. As a double CD it was expensive, but I decided it was about time to take 'Libertine' up into my music collection.
It all proved to be quite a revelation.

It became - and still is - my all time favorite album.

Yes, I can't help it but I get completely lost in these remixes - they're big chunks of drama, rhythm, magic, clouds, melody, 7 Up, beauty and sensual beats...
The instruments even come to life and play along with Mylène's warm and beautiful voice - it's a pretty experience.

(... fabulous intro -
like in many songs on the album ...)
. play... . A quoi je sers
(club remix)

Dance remixes (1992)
00:41 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

One of the main reasons why I completely got hooked on this music was my car.
At that time I drove proudly my first Firebird ( Pamela Sue ) and this music fitted cruising this elegant car extremely well, especially on deserted illuminated highways at night. The clear sound of those remixed songs filled the car with magic. It was like driving away from an ordinary life straight into another dimension, a warm place where live seemed to be so much better.
And that's how my adoration took to the sky. Like a big 747.

. play... . Je t'aime mélancolie
(extended club remix)

Dance remixes (1992)
00:37 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. My favorite song on the album.

Especially because of the really great instrumental climax... Man that musical 'switch' is gold - can't get enough of it.

(Sorry, it's not in the sound clip - it's just too long.)


Quand tout est gris
la peine est mon amie
j'ai l'âme humide aussi
tout mon être chavire
oh viens je t'en prie
c'est ton amie aussi
c'est l'élixir, de mes délires
je t'aime mélancolie

J'ai comme une envie
de voir ma vie en l'air
chaque fois que l'on me dit
c'est de la mauvaise herbe
et moi je dis :
qu'une sauvage née
vaut bien d'être estimée
après tout elle fait souvent la nique
aux "trop bien" cultivées, et toc!

Did I already mention this is my all time favorite album?

Oh well, sorry about that :-)

. play... . Tristana
(remix club)

Dance remixes (1992)
00:52 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. Magic.
And only the best !

Adieu Tristana
laissez-la partir
laissez-la mourir
ne le dites pas
c'est moi

Some years later I fell in love with a French girl and just like small donuts...
In short : it didn't work out. Other people start drinking or gambling or howling at balconies while I... I just got more hung up on all things French and my interest into Mylène's melancholic music got a serious boost.
I needed it.

I started collecting all albums.

L'autre (1991) .
I bought 'L'autre' and some days later when visiting London with some friends I put the CD in my Discman.
I wasn't exactly in the mood for this trip but could use the distraction. It was pretty groovy hangin' around in a gray and rainy London and miss Farmer singing in my earphones such wonderful songs like 'Je t'aime mélancolie', 'L'autre', 'Regrets' or 'Désenchantée', a song that was a giga-giga-hit in France. Though the lyrics in all aren't that optimistic (ermmm.... I guess), I feel the music to be very vivid, full of life and hope.
Luckily London has enough weirdo's so I hope people over there have by now forgotten about me, the sad gray Belgian with his bright orange earphones.

Loin très loin du monde
où rien ne meurt jamais
j'ai fait ce long,
ce doux voyage

Nos âmes se confodent
aux neiges éternelles
l'amour cachait
son vrai visage

. play... . Regrets
(Duet with Jean-Louis Murat)
L'autre (1991)
00:41 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. This is one of my most favorite MF songs.

If I ever die (you never know) I want this song to be played on my funeral (or I come back!).


At this point, I only knew her music.
The world around me (the Flemish part of Belgium) is not that interested in French music, nor the major players. What Mylène looked like or was up to was a mystery to me - (internet was yet to come). The few images on the CD inlays weren't much of a help either, I hardly gave them a close look.
I loved this music because of the music and Mylène's beautiful voice, not her looks nor image.

. play... . Désenchantée
L'autre (1991)
00:45 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. Her big one.

Every six months a random local Flemish station plays this song (at 3:25 in the morning!). Every time the whole village celebrates this special moment with me and we all dance and dance and dance...
Then we all go back to sleep.


mais rien n'a de sens
et rien ne va

Tout est chaos
a côté
tous mes idéaux : des mots
je cherche une âme, qui
pourra m'aider
je suis
d'une génération désenchantée

I believe 5 songs out of 10 made it into French and Walloon charts (French speaking part of Belgium). That's impressive and it points out the high quality of the album (or the lousy state of the competition in French charts - but this I doubt).

. play... . Beyond my control
L'autre (1991)
00:48 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. I love every single touch here...

It's fabulous.
Fabulous, fabulous.


It's beyond my control

Je n'comprends plus pourquoi
j'ai du sang sur mes doigts
il faut que je te rassure
je soignerai bien tes blessures
mon amour

. Cendres de lune (1987)
Pretty soon I bought the first two albums too, on CD.
The CD-version of 'Cendres de lune', her first album containing the smash-hit 'Libertine' offered to my surprise two additional remixes, 'Libertine' and 'Tristana'.
I was walking on clouds. And I didn't want to come down for a very long time.
Moreover, I finally owned the album I wanted to buy several years ago (the one from the expensive shop in Antwerp). I gave it a big kiss when I got home with it and I bought a small teddybear for it so it would never leave me.

Both albums are excellent. In fact they were much better than I had expected, keeping up high standards on most songs, if not all songs.

. play... . Au bout de la nuit
Cendres de lune (1987)
00:31 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. Okay, I'm not gonna translate this and make it all look stupid, but it's about beauty, body, skin, hot, mouth etc...

And it's so sensual and peaceful.


c'est si beau
ton corps
glissant sur ma peau

que c'est chaud
ta bouche
soufflant sur mes mots

Songs like 'Maman a tort', 'Tristana' and 'Au bout de la nuit' became personal favorites.

un maman a tort
deux c'est beau l'amour

trois l'infirmière pleure
quatre je l'aime
cinq il est d'mon droit
six de tout toucher
sept j'm'arrête pas là
huit j'm'amuse


. play... . Maman a tort
Cendres de lune (1987)
00:35 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. It sounds like a nursery rhyme...

But a damn good one.
Easy French too so I could find pure joy in understanding almost a complete song. Life started to make sense again...


. Ainsi soit je (1988)
The second album 'Ainsi soit je...' opens with 'L'horloge', errmmm... something written by Baudelaire (he's one of those famous dead French guys), put wonderfully on music by Boutonnat and sung by Mylène. I think it captures the essence of it's origin very well, but then, I don't know that much about classic French poets (I'm doing a marvelous job here of making myself very popular with French girls I think).
To make it up, I've troubled the Hotbot server and it returned some nice URLs on Baudelaire, this one being the most informative. He turns out to be the guy who wrote 'Les fleurs du mal' and... let's get back to the music.

4 songs out of 10 made it as chart busters in France.
'Sans contrefaçon' - the song I liked the least (girl sings she wants to be a boy) became together with 'Ainsi soit je...' the biggest hits, but 'Pourvu qu'elles soient douces' was and still is my number one darling on this album - not because of the strong sexual theme what I only found out later.

Tu fais des Ah! des Oh!
derrière ton ouvrage
quand mon petit pantalon
debout et de dos
sans perdre courage
dénude tes obsessions

Tu t'entêtes à te foutre de tout
mais pourvu qu'elles soient douces
d'un poète tu n'as que la lune en tête
de mes rondeurs tu es K.O.!
Tu t'entêtes à te foutre de tout
mais pourvu qu'elles soient douces
d'un esthète tu n'as gardé qu'un "air bête"...
tout est beau si c'est "vue de dos"!


. play... . Pourvu qu'elles soient douces
Ainsi soit je... (1988)
00:39 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. Naughty...
Even beyond naughty - don't understand the exact meanings of every single word here but I get the drift.

Mylène proves you can say the dirtiest things with the most beautiful words.
Lyrically and musically it's definitely a strong piece of work.


'Deshabillez-moi' is the hidden treasure.
First I liked the catchy hook in this song and then one day I took the time to translate it. It means 'Undress me'. On that day I decided to stop humming this song in the French speaking part of Belgium and everywhere else where they speak French.
The lyrics are fabulous, straight from a girls heart, full of desire but not cheap. Contrary to almost all other songs, the lyrics on this song are not written by Mylène but by a man! Though this raises some doubt in me, it actually might be a cover - and album credits leave me clueless here.
But, anyway, the way she sings it... it's magnificent.

. play... . Deshabillez-moi
Ainsi soit je... (1988)
00:45 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. I can only say :

Let any other female singer try to top this... It's impossible.


Déshabillez-moi, déshabillé-moi
oui, mais pas tout de suite, pas trop vite
sachez me convoiter, me désirer, me captiver
mais ne soyez pas comme, tous les hommes, trop pressés
et d'abord, le regard
tout le temps du prélude
ne doit pas être rude, ni hagard
dévorez-moi des yeux
mais avec retenue
pour que je m'habitue, oh peu à peu

MAGNIFICENT (just want to be sure everybody on the net gets the message - even people in Auckland, NZ) !!!!!

. Anamorphosée (1996)
And then in 1996... the new album 'Anamorphosée' was released (after several years of silence) and I bought it immediately. I think this is my most often played album ever, I must have listened a thousand times to it. No, definitely more. Whenever I could listen to music, it was this album.
I taped it so I could enjoy this music in my car too, mostly on my trip to work and on the road back home. In my room there was only one disk in the CD player and it was this one.
Some of the songs became personal friends, almost family...
However, some other songs...

'Anamorphosée' sounded a little bit different compared to previous releases. It sounded heavier and not that melancholic, it even rocked in places. The guitars get to get out and were wild...
Perfect example is the song 'Vertige' with some real cool guitars in it, the way this song kicks off, just incredible. I loved it immediately. More nice pop guitars can be found on 'XXL' and 'L'instant X'.

. play... . L'instant X
Anamorphosée (1996)
00:43 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. 5 songs got deep into the French charts, one of them was 'L'instant X' and made it (like two others) to the top.

The CD-single contained 4 more dance-remixes for this song and one of them (Santa's hard re-Xmix) was a beast out of hell with quite impressive, real hard and good guitar work.


la loi des séries
le styx
les ennuis s'amoncellent
j'ai un teint de poubelle
c'est l'instant X
qu'on attend comme le messie
comme l'instant magique
c'est l'équation
l' ax + b qui fait tilt
mais pour l'heure, dis

Papa Noël quand tu descendras du ciel
du fun, du zoprack et des ailles
l'an 2000 sera spirituel
c'est écrit dans 'ELLE'
du fun pour une fin de siècle

I like most of the album, songs like 'California', 'L'instant X' and of course 'Comme j'ai mal' are perfect pop-songs. However I didn't like the first single 'XXL', a song that became a really big hit in France.
I don't find it to be so exciting as 'California', a nice dreamy song about Mylène in... well, California.

. play... . California
Anamorphosée (1996)
00:45 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. A fantastic song to dream away... the better you get to know it, the more you like it.

Lucky she didn't go to Port Lumbemarombashiri.


et m'envoyer en Amérique
sex appeal
c'est Sunset
c'est Marlboro qui me sourit
mon amour
mon moi
je sais qu'il existe
la chaleur de l'abandon
c'est comme une symphonie

C'est sexy le ciel de Californie
sous ma peau j'ai LA en overdose
so sexy le spleen d'un road movie
dans l'rétro ma vie qui s'anamorphose

And I really liked the artwork for this album.
The CD inlay contains several images of Mylène (images by Herb Ritts) and they're very beautiful and elegantly done. I adore such things. It made an impression on me and ...


31.661 82.366 37.341 53.777
296 x 700 image
31.661 bytes

579 x 800 image
82.366 bytes

414 x 600 image
37.341 bytes

466 x 700 image
53.777 bytes

In an old scale modelers magazine I had seen a beautiful Corvette with on the hood and on the trunk lid some striking Marilyn Monroe paintbrush artwork. It looked awesome.
So when I bought my second Firebird ( Mylène- it figures, no?), I wanted something like that.
I like Marilyn Monroe, but I like Mylène Farmer a lot more and with seeing these beautiful images by Herb Ritts the decision was quickly made to airbrush some of the albums artwork on this car...
Now, after almost 4 years, the car is almost finished. I hope to have it back on the road by the next summer.
The inspiration...

Click image for more...

...and it's final shape.

Sounds like signs of adoration?
Well to be honest, now that I'm no longer a 12 year old popstar tripping boy anymore I can only say : oh my God, what have I done...
I still haven't driven the car since this conversion.

Brussels ticket Tour '96 .
One night I dreamed Mylène did a concert in my small home village. You should know the local community center can only hold 1.000 people - at the most. Don't ask me what songs she did because it was a little bit weird and I forgot most of it.
It was the only time I had a dream like this.
But the next day a friend broke the news she was going on tour. I was surprised. It was kinda weird, but I never made a big deal out of it. Besides, my hometown was not on the tour schedule.

Six months later, I was there in Brussels. For a real concert.
The concert was super - not the average gig-stuff. Unfortunately I was a little late (traffic in Brussels is a bitch) so I missed 'Vertige', the first song and one of the best bits of the show (great intro). And the only places still available didn't offer that much of a view on the stage. I was seated on the complete left-side of the stage and I couldn't see the big screen.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. That night I didn't dream about her, but I was happy.

. the 17 year old gasguzzling Firebird...

And then, there was more...
Due to an accident on stage during the Lyon-concert Mylène fractured her wrist and she had to reschedule a major part of the tour to next December and well... it turned out I had some time off that December so I took some days off and I followed several of these shows (Amnéville, Geneva, Grenoble, Brussels again and Caen).

It was pretty adventurous, driving a 17 year old gasguzzling Firebird (with an old engine with two sick cylinders) through France in the midst of winter but she didn't let me down, however it was pretty tough on the mountains between Besançon and Geneva, 550 miles from home. But I enjoyed every minute of it, even when I almost stranded in Annecy due to fuel problems.
Heck man, I had so much fun.

Palais des Sports - Grenoble - the morning after the best show of my life... .
The show in Geneva was so great I decided to see it again the next day in Grenoble and this proved to be my favorite show. Well, basically all the shows were the same but in Grenoble I was in the front-line, the place where the action is and I have to admit, I got carried away. Singin' along and dancing and yelling and enjoying, only the Rolling Stones had done this to me before.
It was not only my favorite MF-show, but it became my favorite all time concert, despite very nice efforts by the Stones, Sheryl Crow, Mellencamp, U2, Hole, Foo Fighters & Neil Young, J.M. Jarre, Inxs, Ocean Colour Scene (now they come close!) and even the rocking Black Crowes.
With all respect to those gods, but if I'm offered the chance to see one concert again, it's Grenoble '96.

Live à Bercy (1997) .
I was surprised to hear another double live album was announced as this was only her second tour and she already had a double live album released after her first successful tour in 1989.
We were being spoiled.
I ordered it to have it as soon as possible.
I don't think I ever looked more forward to a release of a new album.
I counted the days and weeks and months and then...
I went straight to the record shop to collect it.

When I came home with it I discovered there was a scratch right in the middle of the gorgeous revamped 'Libertine' (doh!), so I had to take it back to the shop again (again a 30 miles trip) to get another copy.

. play... . Libertine (live)
Live à Bercy (1997)
00:41 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. One of my favorites songs on this tour.

A beautiful hit song revamped into an even more beautiful song (compare it with the original version).

From kitten to tiger... what a way to go!


la vie est triste
comme un verre de grenadine
aimer c'est pleurer
quand on s'incline

Je je, suis libertine
je suis un catin
je je, suis si fragile
qu'on me tienne la main

Quand sur mon corps
tu t'endors
je m'évapore
bébé tu dors et moi j'attends l'aurore

The record store gave me another copy, but not after checking out my example. To do this, they played it in the store. It must've been the first time a Mylène Farmer song made it to a local store sound system here in Flanders.
It was pretty neat to hear this music in such a public area. I mean, the way those relaxed driving guitars get away in 'Libertine', it must have caught everybody's attention.
Then halfway the song went astray messing up the music. Now that was something that caught everybody's attention. But I got a new copy.

je ressens ce qui nous sépare
me confie au gré du hasard
je vis hors de moi et je pars
à mille saisons mille étoiles

Comme j'ai mal
je n'verrai plus comme j'ai mal
je n'saurai plus comme j'ai mal
je serai l'eau des nuages
je te laisse parce que je t'aime
je m'abîme d'être moi-même
avant que le vent nous sème
à tous vents
je prends un nouveau départ

. play... . Comme j'ai mal
Live à Bercy (1997)
00:39 sec. - Real Audio soundclip


I didn't expect 'Comme j'ai mal' on stage because I didn't think of it as a stage song.
Well, I was wrong.

It's the song that has the deepest and warmest spot in my heart... but in fact all songs are there (it's kinda busy there).


. Live à Bercy - video (1997)
Later on I bought the video as well.
I was surprised it revived so many memories on those great shows.
Her scantily clad body in 'Vertige', the whirling search lights and circling helicopter sound as 'California' opens, the big mechanic spider in 'Alice' and 'La poupée qui fait non' as a duet with Khaled (I only saw this in Geneva)...
Sometimes it still sends the shivers down my spine, no other music has ever done this to me. Maybe I got involved too much, but hey, that's the trick.

Go for it completely... and only come back for lunch.

Innamorento (1999) .
Sooner than I expected a brand new album appeared in April 1999. I didn't expect to see it that soon, after all we had to wait 5 years for 'Anamorphosée' and now after only 4 years 'Innamorento' showed up. Lucky us.
First the single 'L'âme-stram-gram' raided the French hit parades, followed closely by the album. I bought it pretty soon only to be overwhelmed with mixed feelings.
On a musical level it sounds more ordinary compared to her previous albums. But, on a linguistic level it's very very very strong (according to native French speakers anyway) but being not very fluent in French a lot of the albums beauty passes me by I guess.

The album opens with 'L'amour naissant', it's not a kicking start but a very smooth one. Mylène's voice sounds really fantastic in this song, soft, tender, magical... she sings like a true angel. This is how I like her the most.

. play... . L'amour naissant
Innamoramento (1999)
00:45 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. I don't think Mylène's voice ever did sound this nice... you start to wonder if she's not an angel. .

l'océan a froid
ma vie comme la
fille de Ryan

Tu es
tu es l' Amour Naissant
gravé sur la pierre
stèle des amants
vois comme c'est lourd
c'est lent
c'est un revolver
trop puissant

My favorite song and a song I loved immediately is 'Je te rends ton amour'. A gorgeous song reminiscent of her older work. Nice relaxed rhythm, somewhat mysterious and that nice loving voice.
This is Mylène at her best.

. play... . Je te rends ton amour
Innamoramento (1999)
00:39 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. In Greece and even in Chile you could see the infamous video which contains nudity and an explicit bloody attack on religion.

So I've been told.
I still haven't seen it because we poor people in Flanders only have cheap US crap minded channels.

Help us!!!



fibre qui suinte
les meurtrissures
tu voyais l'âme
mais j'ai vu ta main

Et je te rends ton amour
redeviens les contours
je te rends ton amour
c'est mon dernier recours
je te rends ton amour
au moins pour toujours

'L'âme-stram-gram', 'Dessine-moi un mouton and 'Méfie-toi are other great songs but not they're not that surprising. I find them walking too careful between the narrow lines that define a hit.
Neither did I like 'Pas le temps de vivre', the first ballad on the album. But then I saw Mylène doing this song on stage during the Mylenium Tour 1999 and I just had to fell for it. It's a killer. It's a fine ballad that gains a lot from Mylène's heartbreaking stage performance. This song is gonna be a diamond on the forthcoming live album.

If I can speak frankly I have to say this is my least favorite Mylène Farmer album.
It sounds so safe, so hit parade minded and I can understand why it's one of her most successful albums sales figures wise.

tous les effets secondaires maudis
tous les méfaits de Krueger sont la nuit

4 heures
il y a des saisons pornographique
5 heures
comme une vision pharmaceutique
6 heures
mon idéal, c'est d'aimer avec horreur
7 heures
un précipice entre vous et moi

. play... . Effets secondaires
single b-side : Je te rends ton amour (1999)
00:37 sec. - Real Audio soundclip

. A lot of fans wonder why a beautiful song like this only figures as a b-side.

It's great - it's reminiscent of her older work and I truly hopes she continues in this way.


Still, despite some songs having a dull gray 'failure proof' coat, it's without doubt my most played '99 album. Even now I still listen a lot to it.
I wonder why I still buy other albums...

For the moment it ends with the Mylenium tour 1999/2000.
I still feel she over rushed things a bit just to be able to do this tour in the magical year 1999. But that's my opinion.

Anyway, I have seen several of the shows by now and I'm completely addicted on this stuff. From the day the first dates were announced I'm counting days and now it happens. More writings to follow when I'm back in reality (may take a while!).

Boy, it kicked me off of my feet. Again...

My favorite Mylène Farmer songs all pretty lined up :
All in real audio soundclip format.

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