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1973 Pontiac TransAm - Jimmy's first TransAm picture he found on the net.
The The Premier Firebird Trans Am Gallery by Jimmy Means.
Simply the biggest and best resource for Firebird information and pictures on the net.

Because : it's true. It's huge. It's loaded.
And I like that impressive year to year portrait gallery of Firebirds.
Tons of information, like drag racing Firebirds, scale model Firebirds, Firebird diecasts & promos, Firebird books and old magazine adds...


1977 Pontiac Firebird Special/Edition TransAm 
owned for several years by he who does the Bandit club
the Bandit Trans-Am club. is for owners and/or enthusiasts of the "Bandit" type Trans-Ams, which are the 1976 - 1981 black and gold Special Edition Trans-Ams.

Because : I adore these cars.
And it's awesome to find so many Bandit pictures in the member section on one site.
Like sheriff Buford T. Justice on the silver screen already said : 'What we're dealin with here is a complete lack of respect for the law'.


a '89 Formula owned by Scott Carlson, one of the 700+ owners enlisted.
The Formula Source by Joe Airaudi is all about the Pontiac Firebird Formula, the little brother of the Trans-Am.

Because : it's a very attractive site. And informative as well, with enough stuff (FAQs, VINnrs breakdowns, performance mods, recall & TSB info...) to keep you busy for a while.
There's even a page with 'dead Formulas' and a really big owners list - numbering almost 1,000 Formula owners worldwide.
One of them is Rick Hallett who happily owns the 2002 Formula on the picture.


Chris' 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400, a 375 HP beast by Chris and he owns this beautiful red 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400, with a 428 cubic inch 375 HP under the hood.

Because : I find these early Firebirds simply irresistible as well.
This is a place for the early Firebird enthusiasts. Besides pics for 1967, 1968 and 1969 models, it offers technical articles, java-chat and a message board.


Ponchoguy, a man who's knowledge about these cars is more than legendary
This is not your average Joe, it's Ponchoguy by Joe who knows everything about all the bits and pieces stuffed in a '79 bird.

Because : simply a very great guy.
Helped me tracking down several parts for Mylène, my '79 Firebird. And he has two absolutely fabulous and gorgeous beauties.
Likes to talk about the birds, with a good sense of humor.


Chad in front of his 4 x 4 1981 Firebird Formula
Bigbird's Home by Chad Hepburn and his huge 1981 Firebird Formula 4x4.

Because : you don't see this anywhere else.
It shows us all the work and stuff involved and it's a pleasure to browse this place and a bit funny with a nice personal touch.
According to Chad, he never has a problem finding his car back in a parking lot.


Sebastian, a '83 Firebird and his driver: Stormbringer
Stormbringers Homepage by Stormbringer who owns this 1983 Firebird called Sebastian and they live (some Firebirds actually live, you know) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Because : an example for all other girls.
Yes, there are girls who appreciate the Firebird breed and go to great lengths too in their Firebird devotion.
Stormbringer once decided to repair her 'bird' herself after a minor crash with a Ford Mustang, an incident she knows so well to describe as 'Horseshit and feathers all over the place'.


Black on black - Jim and his 1998 Pontiac Firebird Formula
Jim's Firebird Page by Jim Scialabba who owns his fourth Firebird ride and that's an impressive '98 305HP LS1 Formula.

Because : some impressive video footage from Michigan's Woodward Ave Dream Cruise.
My advice : go see it.
With pictures of Jim's previous cars, a Firebird wallpaper section and a great story of a trip down route 66 Pontiac style all the way from Illinois to Arizona - well illustrated. It put me right in dream mode...


1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula with predator hood.
Suncoast Creations is a company providing custom parts for Firebirds and Camaro's.

Because : here I picked up my love for young Firebirds.
I discovered on this site in the customer galleries what you could do with young Firebirds and Camaro's and some cool cool cool custom parts.
My top favorite is this '95 Formula, a pretty sharp babe. I think I want one. I need one.


Treasures to discover
Texas Transams & Old Car Finder is dedicated to the restoration of old cars, especially 2nd gen. Transams.

Because : my never-ending love for car dumps.
The promise of hidden treasures.
And these good people have a car dump loaded with former road glory and God bless them, these good people were kind enough to put some pictures of it all on the net.


Impressive 1999 Pontiac TransAm, the official Daytona 500 Pace Car
Acarshow with hundreds of pictures of cars, trucks and motorcycles from stock to custom to race, foreign and domestic.

Because : images, images, images...
Besides a Pontiac Page with some neat GTO & Firebird - T/A pictures, there's also a Mopar Page with some bad road monsters, and a Corvette Page, a Chevelle Page and even a Truck Page and a Harley Page.
And visitors can submit images of their own cars... a collection that's growing and growing.


Firebird III, a car for the future from the past - copywrite 1999 Terence Conklin
GM Firebird Pages by Conklin systems about turbine powered Firebirds of the future, designed by GM in the 50s!

Because : for the curious souls.
This is a website that will not disappoint people with a deeper interest into cars and car history.
Most pictures come from the Conklin family box including this image making it's debut on the net of a Firebird III with open doors, transferred to me by these nice people. Thanks!!!


Keith Winfree and his General Lee
Keith's Page O' general Lees, Chargers, Mopars etc... by Keith Winfree who explains what happened with the 'General Lee', a '69 Dodge Charger that starred in 'the Dukes of Hazard' ?

Because : it's off topic. But it's a great story.
Apparently Warner Bros used more than one 'General' to shoot the series. When the show was canceled the surviving 'Generals' (19 of the app. 200 used) eventually found their way to Charger addicts. Keith Winfree is one of them and he put the whole story of obtaining this beauty on his site

The people who build those gorgeous cars...

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