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Pamela Sue

Pamela Sue - my '77 Firebird
640 x 480 image : 54.436 bytes
. 1977 Pontiac Firebird

Production total 1977 : 30,642
Id. : 2S87C7N-
Engine : 231 cu. in. (3.8 L) V-6.
Annual traffic tax : 1,180.94 €
Daily driver 1992 - 1996
Status : awaiting restoration

Pamela Sue Martin
Pamela Sue Martin
I named her after my favorite starlet way back in the seventies : Pamela Sue Martin .

My first Firebird.
640 x 480 image : 41.882 bytes
.. She was the first '77 Pontiac Firebird I saw in the flesh and she was for sale. It was the summer of '91, I had just finished school and more important, I had just found a job.
It looked like fate had a crush on me.

Asking price was a little less then the factory price in '77: $4.615.
A bummer was that I couldn't drive her immediately. She still needed some minor work and I had to drive my Volvo 244 for another year.

The gorgeous look of a '77 Firebird
640 x 480 image : 34.010 bytes
.. But in the beginning of the following summer, she was ready for the road and so was I.

I ruined the engine already in the first month. As it appeared I had bought an old car with an old engine. Dad (luckily a mechanic) had to install another one.
A '78 Monte Carlo donated its 231 V6 and this was installed without major problems to replace the wrecked original 231 and I became a more careful driver.

Pamela Sue and the beauty of autumn.
640 x 480 image : 66.803 bytes
.. For the next 4 years I drove the car day in day out - through sun, rain, wind and snow.
Every working day 50 miles to the job and 50 miles back home and during the weekends I did of course the occasional cruising trips. We were quite happy together.

Not once did I cross the path of a similar beauty, not even another 2nd generation Firebird.
Even on local US car meetings she was a rare bird and - what made me really happy - a pretty one.

Under some easy late winter snow.
640 x 480 image : 49.869 bytes
.. She was remarkable easy to drive and during those 4 years she only let me down twice.

Once I ended up stranded on the highway while driving to work early in the morning. I had to call the towing services to take her home. Cops stopped by two times but where very helpful and friendly (I guess I didn't look much like a criminal, the type of guys usually associated with these cars).
The problem was caused by a malfunctioning HEI distributor.

Drivers side, shortly after I bought her...
640 x 480 image : 50.559 bytes
.. The other breakdown was during a photoshoot with a girlfriend in a scenic but remote faraway place. I had to call in dad (very impressive for girls) and he fixed the problem right away being the starter.
I strongly suspected my car of being jealous.

On another occasion the passenger door jammed - luckily not on a date but I was just about to date a really nice and gorgeous girl - a true rival for Pamela Sue.
The occasion slipped by... and the door got fixed.

...and front side...
640 x 480 image : 48.684 bytes
.. Two breakdowns during 4 years of service, quite remarkable for an 18 year old car with almost 300.000 kms (187.500 miles) credited.

I always treated her gently and with care. We never got a speeding or any other ticket and I was only pulled over once for a routine check.
Everything was okay but the police asked me politely to clean up my license plate - the only part of the car I always skipped when cleaning up this lady. I'm (still) not that proud of that license plate you know.

The end is near.
640 x 480 image : 35.350 bytes
.. The end came when she had the annual car inspection in '96.
Due to the many deteriorated roads in our country (I daily had to take the E313, a highway locally known as the abortion road), the old corroded chassis in the front suffered a lot and it became slightly bent. It was irreparable in a short time.

I had to put her aside.

640 x 480 image : 45.572 bytes
.. I couldn't part with her - call me sentimental - so I was glad I could put her in the back yard of my brothers place, pending future plans.
It was amazing to see how fast a car deteriorates in the open. So after a year I decided to rent this garage box - now her home for the last few years.

She now gathers dust peacefully, and she's quite good at it too.

Better times.
640 x 480 image : 64.956 bytes
.. She was the most fun ride I ever had.
She had it all, great looks, great handling and a reliable spirit - though having a mechanic in the house was a great help all the time.

Maybe there will be a day she hits the road again...

The people who build those gorgeous cars...

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