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Pontiac Firebird Wing

One fine day while cruising, a good friend asked me the name of my car. I knew he didn't mean Firebird.
'How do you talk with your car if you don't have a name for it?' he asked me. I had to admit he had a point there, so let me introduce you...

my 1977 Firebird
Updated : Jan. 15th 2001
my 1979 Firebird
Updated : Jan. 15th 2001
my 1991 Firebird
Updated : Jan. 15th 2001
Pamela Sue

I must confess only Franka hits the road daily. Pamela Sue and Mylène are currently (let's say) under restoration.
I visit meetings (check out the Firebird Trips!) and I scour the net for everything Firebird related and I go bezerk on wild sexy cars, not necessarily American cars - but the Firebird breed will always play a major part in my life, just like beer, more beer and many more beers.

Updated : Sept. 2nd 2001
Updated : Dec. 23th 2000
Firebird Trips
Firebird Links

* * *

Though, I should make clear I'm not a technical wizard. I hardly know where the steering wheel is and how to open the doors.
But that's enough for having some of the best fun that can be found on the road. Driving Firebird is simply great.

Gradually I'm trying to get deeper under the hood to get acquainted with the mechanical beast that lives down there.
Last summer I put new brake shoes on Franka - all by myself - and I still haven't hit a tree since then, so I guess I'm doing alright (now, keep fingers crossed).
The ultimate goal is to restore Pamela Sue to driving condition again, somewhere in the future.

* * *

What, no TransAm?

the cheapest TransAm available in Belgium - and no taxes.
A question that's probably on your lips is why I'm not buying Trans-Am, the Firebird top model with a bigger engine. These cars are more valuable and more impressive and more fun and so on...

Simple, it's our Belgian government who puts heavy taxes on big engined cars.

Franka costs me yearly 992.91 € on traffic tax.
Driving a T/A more than doubles this yearly amount to 2,319.44 € because of the bigger engine.
(These amounts are valid for LPG equipped vehicles)

Stopping at gas stations is expensive too - gasoline costs now something like 1.00 €/liter (+/- $4.54/gallon), but two years ago you had to pay almost 1.20 €/liter (+/- $5.50/gallon).
Just to give you an idea how much you ***really*** have to love these birds.

The people who build those gorgeous cars...

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