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Some beautiful artwork by Hajime Sorayama
ImageNETion by Paulo Paulista Goncalves.

Because : first website to impress me, way back in '96.
Tons of fantasy, sci-fi and pin-up art... and I mean tons of it.
This place is HUGE and has it all.
And it's beautiful.


Franka, by Henk Kuypers
Franka Homepage by André Nieuwland.

Because : I love her.
My favorite graphic novel character.
Franka is a young beautiful and attractive woman. She has nice looks, a very great attitude towards life, she is intelligent and optimistic and she isn't afraid of the dark.


The map to Atlantis?
Atlantis (and the Earth's shifting crust) by Rand & Rose Flem-Ath.

Because : for satisfying the young boy in me.
Rand Flem-Ath reveals his conclusion of 18 years research that an ice free Antarctica was the homeland of a highly advanced culture that ended in a worldwide cataclysm over 12,000 years ago : Atlantis.


Some of the islands in the state of Chuuk
the Federate States of Micronesia by the Department of Economic Affairs - FSM National Government.

Because : my favorite Big Travel dream.
You can find me there as soon as I win the lottery or as soon as I am a good long distance swimmer.
Sun, sea... and what was that third word again...?
Sand !


Angel Boris
Angel Boris by Narod.

Because : my favorite playmate, forever.
During lunchtime me and some guys from work used to visit our favorite pub where in a hidden corner you could admire the playmate of the month.
In July 1998 I kept forgetting drinking from my beers... for a whole month.
They figured I was sick but in fact I had found my favorite playmate. My life could finally begin.


Battlestar Galactica collage made by me
Kobol, the Internet's oldest and largest Battlestar Galactica site.

Because : my favorite TV show.
When I was a young kid.
Boy, I never went so deep into a fantasy world again - these were the days when life was nothing more than eating chips and watching TV.
Oh yeah, and school to ruin this perfect life.


Paulina Porizkova - babe of august 1999
El Bomboncito del dia by Bomboncito Magazine from Argentina (in Spanish)

Because : my favorite daily internet treat.
We man do it all the time and guess what... now we can rate babes on our own computer!
Gosh... what will they invent next?
Beer that walks towards us?
Hey yes please.


Beautiful nude beautifully photographed by Tom Ruddock.
BlueNudes by Steady Productions Inc.

Because : ermmm....
The only website I ever paid for.
Because it has such an absolutely stunning design.
And there are beautiful pictures of beautiful nude women too, for those who aren't that easily impressed with great webdesign.


HMS Victory
H.M.S. Victory by Flagship, Portsmouth (UK).

Because : my favorite romantic theme... a warship.
I always had a soft spot for these huge ancient battle ships with big sails. I guess I find them kinda romantic and full of adventure and stuff.
One day I discovered HMS Victory is actually still among us. Mind you, it was build in 1765 what makes it older than most people (!) - it knocked my socks off.


Axelle Red
Axelle Red the official web site (in Dutch/French/English)

Because : my favorite Belgian artist.
She is our most talented pop singer and in my humble eyes, she's the most attractive as well. And she sings in the kind of French that doesn't suck.
Her songs are catchy masterpieces influenced by her love for the blues and jazz music... and she writes them all by herself.
A real lady. I guess we can not love her enough.


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