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The first picture
640 x 480 image : 58.205 bytes
1991 Pontiac Firebird

Production total 1991 : 38,956
Engine : V6-191 (3.1L)

Annual traffic tax : 992.91 €
Daily driver 1997 - .... (today)
Mileage : 193k miles

I named her after my favorite comic book character : Franka.

Holiday shot
640 x 480 image : 39.011 bytes
.. Soon after initiating Mylène's long-term resto-convertion, I got another job abroad so I needed a good reliable car. I was glad I could sell the 20 year old Monza and started 'a young Firebird' quest.

4th generation Firebirds proved still to be a little bit too expensive for me so I opted for a 3rd generation make.

I always had a soft spot for a white '91/'92 model and luckily the first Firebird for sale I discovered was a white '91.

On top of one of the higher mountains in the Pyrenees
1024 x 768 image : 133.364 bytes
Great Wallpaper !!
.. Asking price was well under going rates, however the car hadn't hit the road for more than a year and had spent all this time in the open. And Firebirds - being a sportscar - are usually on the second hand market because of a wrecked engine or transmission.

The owner told me he had bought the car as a gift for his wife but she never liked it - it was too big to handle in a small country like Belgium.
The car ended up not being used anymore and after a while it was decided to part with it.

Enjoying snow
640 x 480 image : 50.222 bytes
.. In all honesty I was being told there was a slight problem with the engine - nothing serious.
The dealer never got around to fix this.
Nothing serious, really.

Well the price was a real bargain... and dad was a retired car mechanic.
I felt like I could take the risk.

In need of a car wash
640 x 480 image : 44.426 bytes
.. After taking her to an independent car examination center (just to be sure) where she appeared to be in good condition the deal was made and I obtained my third Firebird.

I could see myself again years ago in 1991, gazing at several new and expensive '91s in the dealers showroom.
Now I finally owned one.

And after some weeks she occasionally refused to start.

That was before, this is after
640 x 480 image : 43.575 bytes
.. Dad couldn't find the problem.
Partially because this car was heavily electrolyzed and computerized compared with my older Firebirds.

The dealer couldn't help me.
Eventually the car was taken to a specialized trader in American second hand cars at the other side of the country and they replaced one of those chips (for just only 200 €) and since that day... no more problems.

Her cute nose
640 x 480 image : 28.753 bytes
.. Early in the next year I treated her on a new bodypaint - same color.
She was six years old, but white is a fast fading color and it really showed.

That summer she looked like brand new again.

Soon I discovered she makes great cruisin' material too, especially in France (great country to cruise American) and on our first holiday together I took her all the way down to the Spanish border (1240 kms/775 miles) in one day.

I just had to take this picture
640 x 480 image : 52.311 bytes
.. I drive this car now as a daily driver for almost 6 years without major problems, besides having to change the cat once.

Though I have to be careful on bumpy roads.
Franka is a low car and I already damaged the exhaust a few times, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

And recently the locking system of the deck lid failed so I had to get myself another one from the scrap yard.

Down south
640 x 480 image : 36.707 bytes
.. I find it odd, but most of my friends like her more than Pamela Sue, my gorgeous red '77 Firebird.
Franka has a more modern and a fast look and there are people who seem to like this.

Sadly it's a more common car and it doesn't stand out of the crowd like a '77 does.
It's not a classic, but choices need to be made and she's a very very practical daily driver.

Besides, I like her every day more and more and more.

Not alone anymore
640 x 480 image : 55.246 bytes
.. And girls find it very easy pretending they like this car too... :-)

She's so easy to handle (I could write my name with her, really) and she makes a great eye catcher. Especially when I treat her on a long carwash and she starts to shine like a sparkling diamond in that fresh paint job.

Most people in Belgium have never heard of Firebirds, so they think it's just another expensive American sports car.

Well, I'm not gonna tell them :-)

The people who build those gorgeous cars...

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