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Internet Modeler

For a long time one of my favorite plastic scale model websites, because it's mostly about aircraft.
Every month there's a new edition containing in depth reviews with pictures of new kits in all major scales.
Just like a scale modeling magazine.


HyperScale by Brett T. Green.

An online daily updated resource for aircraft and armour modellers.
The subjects ranging from reviews of new kits to construction articles - and it has talk groups, wanted and for sale lists, first looks, reference articles etc...


Modeling Madness
Modeling Madness by Scott Van Aken.

The Finest Review Site on the Web.
It is updated on a daily basis with submissions from modelers all over the world.
Can keep you busy for quite some time.


Aircraft Resource Center
Aircraft Resource Center by Steve B.

A lot of daily updates with submissions from modelers all over the world make this aircraft modeling website one of the more interesting ones.
And besides all this usefull modeling information there's a clubhouse page with jokes.

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