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There are those who believe that you get a free up and running website when you can drink twenty cans of carrotbeer in 10 minutes.
The pink elephants will bring it to you.
After drinking carrotbeer for years and years and becoming real good at it and never seeing something pink (LOL!), I perceived I had to tackle the matter in another way. I decided the pink elephants could rot in hell and I would do it all by myself.

here we come!

The idea in the Dark Night First you need an idea. This is the night when I got the idea.
HTML, powerfull and full of energy... Learn HTML.

It's powerful. It has energy. It's hot. It's easy. It's funny. It doesn't pie on your shoes.

Examine toolbars Think about the people with the small screens.

Watch out for frames and their curse: toolbars (yuck!), search them, track them down, capture them, examine them and eliminate them.

Examine each KB Don't be shy to ask friends to help you.
Lost something ?  Again!? Find inspiration... no matter where.
The masterplan - in problems Things can get mighty ugly during construction.

Don't let problems get you down.

Evacuation It works much better if you send parents, girlfriends and pets away for at least one hour a day.
First tests You don't get it right from the first time.
Second tests Neither from the second time, though the result looked already much better.
The dream And finally, it's not exactly what I wanted...
And what we made of it But it's good enough for the moment (including those really bizarre characters, so aliens can find some enjoyment too).

........ Me !

Yes, that's me, the brain behind this bunch of glittering bits and bytes.
It's the most recent picture of me under a Belgian Air Force Mirage - which by the way is not mine.

My website started somewhere at the end of the summer of '98. Back then it was mainly text based and best described as very boring. When I started with this I didn't know anything about HTML but it all proved to be very easy to learn.
In 20 minutes time I understood enough of the power of HTML to start the conquest of my own spot in cyberspace.
In fact, it was more difficult to know what I wanted to show on my page and it was even more difficult to know how I was going to show it all.

The first version existed for about a year and attracted 342 visitors, mostly - if not all - friends, family and colleagues (some even voluntarily). I preferred to keep a low profile because the site hadn't that much to offer back then.
Things really kicked in when I obtained a scanner and a digital camera which helped me to improve the visual element a lot.
Version 2 was started somewhere in the summer of 1999 with an update of all sections.

I choose not to use frames, initially because it was too difficult to get a grip on and later on they weren't really in place anymore with my pages. Besides I felt they had a very difficult to manage effect on the available screen space - as a poor boy I only had a 640 x 480 desktop available.
When creating pages today I still want them to be viewable in this 640 x 480 size despite having a bigger monitor now and working with the more common 1024 x 768 desktop size.

I bought my own domain name Prinzite in 2002 but lost it the next year due to a mistake from my host to a domain name squatter. Half a year later I started again with the Eazyprinz name, this time registering the name under my own management - and switched from host to Ipowerweb.

Besides some healthy but basic HTML knowledge I use AceHTML version 4 (I'm a happy hard-coder) and for the image processing I use Adobe PhotoShop though most of the time I use one of the older versions of PhotoStyler because it's so easy to use.
And that's it.

About the language being used, it's a crazy English dialect that suites me better than current available UK or US English.
If it makes anybody feel sick, they can always send me translations.

Hey, I can't believe you read all this! You really do need a life!

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