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Wondering if there's something new - or something has changed, just glide down this page and find out.
This page lists all Eazyprinz updates/additions and/or news starting from Jan. 1st 2003.

new !
42 images
Sept. 19th
Click to see the update * Amay Modèles Club concours 2004
Some call it a miracle : I finally managed to drag another gallery onto my website.
Now I'm only running 1 year and 2 weeks behind - and 15 galleries. I'm seriously considering not hibernating next winter if the situation doesn't improve!

new !
8 images
April 23rd
Click to see the update * 9de Modelbouw Tentoonstelling (2004) - added 8 images
An easy update, I added 8 images from the exhibition area of this meeting.
This show has a large exhibition area and I took some pictures here as well.
After a long discussion with the wise man in me, I found I had to share 8 of these images with the world.

7 images
April 13th
Click to see the update * L'Attaque
Did some long overdue updates.
I gave credit to some of Pierre his models with some extra information and I corrected some typo's along the way.
It is Henschel and not Henschell, a very common mistake on my pages.

new !
88 images
April 10th
Click to see the update * 9de Modelbouw Tentoonstelling (2004)
First...I must say I hibernate from late August until early April :-)
Alright, I do have to increase my gallery update rate because at this rate, I need to live at least another 250 years.
So I finally got through this one, sadly most pictures are a little too dark, but on a positive note, the gallery contains several interesting subjects ( always).


1 image
May 17th
Click to see the update * Hawker Tempest Mk.V - (Heller)
I completed another model this year, my 2nd.
Again, it was in fact a long term restoration job after the finished model got dismantled a mighty longtime ago.

new !
120 images
May 9th
Click to see the update * Flanders Modelling Festival 2004
I managed to squeak in another huge gallery.
Each time I promise myself it's the last time I work on such a huge gallery - but then there are so many beautiful models...

1 image
April 17th
Click to see the update * Bristol F2B Fighter (Airfix)
I finally completed my first model this year.
Though in fact it was more like a long term restoration job after the model got broken some 10 years ago.
Nevertheless, I'm glad I could finally remove the image of the partially build model.

new !
128 images
March. 28th
Click to see the update * Pleins feux sur le maquettisme 2004
I took a lot of pictures at this show and it took me ages to process them. I couldn't narrow my selection down as much as I liked, that's why this gallery is so huge.

With this gallery I now have more than 2,000 images on show, hallelujah.

36 images
Feb. 10th
Click to see the update * IPMS Lier Convention 2000
I know most images from the past aren't that great.
So, gradually I'm trying to update all the past galleries with trying to improve the image quality.
Really boring boring boring work, so you better enjoy this one.

new !
20 images
Jan. 18th
Click to see the update * Modelbouw Happening 2004
I was unable to visit the show, but a friend supplied me with a few pictures of his visit.
It's my intention to upload from now on pictures of each show as soon as possible - the huge backlog of shows still not uploaded will gradually be uploaded as I find the time.

new !
136 images
Jan. 11th
Click to see the update * Dads Plastic
Added 4 galleries with a total of 136 pictures from dads aircraft models
With the New Year I finally found the courage to continue running this website after the CRASH.
I uploaded all of dads aircraft models. His small scale armor models will follow during the next months.
Meanwhile check out the aircraft collection, it has the best pictures I've taken so far.

Jan. 1st
A dazzling total of 111 unique visitors was logged during the remaining days of 2003. Wow.
Still not represented in many search engines - but working on this.


Oct. 1st
Everything is online again under the new Eazyprinz domain name.
The first unique 6 visitors dropped in this day, mostly friends and family.

Jan. 16th - Oct. 1st
Due to bad management from my host I lost my original domain name Prinzite to a domain name squatter. On top of that the provided hosting and customer services where pretty lame on reacting to this and it took me quite some time to get my money back.
Tip : visit the YourHostSucks website - I was by far (!!!!!) not the only victim of this incompetent host.

I had not only lost my domain name but all motivation as well. I faced changing my logo on 1,800 pictures and finally I figured out, what the heck... lets go online again, and that's why most of the images still have the Prinzite stamp in the bottom right corner.

Got myself a new domain name under my own management this time and now more than 9 months later I'm glad to say I've made the decision to go online again.

Jan. 6th
Click to see the update Peiper mit stab / Ardennenoffensive 44 - 45
After having met Günther Sternberg at a recent local model show, Günther mailed me a list of his models on show on this website.
Besides the 3 dioramas made by him in the IPMS Lier Convention 2001 gallery, more of his beautiful models will certainly appear in future galleries.

Jan. 5th
Click to see the update 1959 Pontiac Parisienne convertible
Maxborn was so kind to inform me this car actually is a 1959 Parisienne and not a 1959 Bonneville as I had come to believe. Thanks man.
It was the day I learned Canada also produces Pontiacs and uses different names for them.
And different tail lights as well :-)

Jan. 2nd
Click to see the update 1955 Oldsmobile Holiday 88
I was unable to find out this '55 Olds was an 88, a Super 88 or a 98.
Dave & Kris Kiehn were so kind to inform me this car is an 88. The secret was in the rear fender wheel openings. Thank you.

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