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  The Helicopters
Bell UH-1H Huey (Hasegawa)   I figured I could put the helicopters in a separate gallery, but now I realize there are only a few of them.

Anyway, dad and I never had a big thing going for helicopters.
He has 6 of them in his entire collection and I have none in my entire collection.
And that's about it.

Most of these models were build in the early 1970s, so I still like to stress ;
Please do keep in mind these models were build during the 1970s.

In those days plastic scale modeling standards weren't as high as they are today, so enjoy them as what they are: models build more than 20 years ago.

images : 6 - all images 640 - 480 format

01.    42.004 bytes
Westland Scout
02.    33.789 bytes
Boeing Vertol 107-11
03.    47.090 bytes
Bell Cobra
04.    41.688 bytes
Westland Lynx
05.    47.244 bytes
Bell UH-1D Iroquois
06.    55.882 bytes
Westland Sea King

All pictures above taken with a Canon A5 Powershot digital camera, which uses some degree of compression.
My apologies for the average quality of some images.

Download, save and enjoy these images, but please ask permission before using any of these images for publication or commercially related purposes.

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