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  Flanders Modelling Festival 1999
Flanders Modelling Festival 1999 - Contest tables   March 13th, 1999
Organization : IPMS Antwerp
Location : Don Bosco Instituut, Hoboken (Antwerp, Belgium)

Two months before this show I was introduced to the world of digital cameras by a friend of mine.
It was exactly what I needed, so I buried the holiday plans and bought a digital camera.

I took about 40 pictures on this show and uploaded them on my portable computer from work - from which they were accidentally deleted a few days later.
Only these 12 images were saved because they were already on a previous version of my website.
That's how I learned never to put private things on the company's computers and the importance of my website.

images : 12 - all images 640 - 480 format

01.    42.703 bytes
North American P-51D 'Mustang'
02.    48.833 bytes
Douglas AC-47D 'Spooky'
03.    64.143 bytes
Vought OS2U 'Kingfisher'
04.    59.262 bytes
Consolidated 'Catalina'
05.    61.330 bytes
Douglas SBD-3 'Dauntless'
06.    47.880 bytes
Heinkel He-219 'Uhu'
07.    71.008 bytes
08.    68.786 bytes
Biship tank crew
09.    63.115 bytes
010.    52.583 bytes
011.    59.907 bytes
Jagdpanzer IV
012.    56.198 bytes
Opel Blitz cargo truck

hey hey hey Any help in completing - or correcting - names, remarks and builders/origins information of these models is highly appreciated.
Feel free to contact me and share your knowledge.

All pictures above taken with a Canon A5 Powershot digital camera, which uses some degree of compression.
My apologies for the average quality of some images.

Download, save and enjoy these images, but please ask permission before using any of these images for publication or commercially related purposes.

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